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Wireless Internet Packages

All of our packages include: Uncapped, limitless data, Non-Contended service.


Internet Speed Options

All of our packages include: Uncapped, limitless data, Non-Contended service.

3 Mb/s

R300 /month
  • Uncapped
  • Limitless Data
  • Non-Contended Service

8 Mb/s

R700 /month
  • Uncapped
  • Limitless Data
  • Non-Contended Service

12 Mb/s

R1000 /month
  • Uncapped
  • Limitless Data
  • Non-Contended Service
*Other internet speed options available on request only. Upload speed supplied on best effort basis.

What you get with an Internet installation.

Your installation gets your local network to our internet service. We do this by way of a wireless antenna that we install on your building. If you do not have any local network setup yet, check out our local network options.

Local Network Options

We can set up your local network in a way that ensures you have access where you need it.

Pres Connect managed router

R 1250
We install a cloud managed router for you, and can then manage your local network from our side. We can do bandwidth allocation per device, shaping of traffic, analytics of usage etc. You also have access to your managed router to view network activity.


R 500
We install and setup a wireless access point. Any maintenance or configuration updates etc. will be charged for.

Customer supplied

We setup a wireless router that you supply, no guarantees on the level of coverage or service through customer supplied routers.

Wired Local Network

Fixed Network CABLE COST R7/m

For fixed, wired networks, Pres Connect can install networking equipment as needed. Cable costs R7/m pulled in by our technicians. Other networking equipment is also available and will be quoted as needed.

Installation Procedure

Installations vary widely due to the vast differences in customer requirements, but the following is for a typical installation

Once a booking has been made for a date and time, one of our teams will come to location to complete the installation. They will do a survey of your home or business, and make recommendations about your local network if necessary. Once a plan has been formulated, they will start by installing the wireless antenna on the outside of your building. A wire will be pulled in from the antenna to your local network, after which it will be powered on and linked to our network. Once your local network has also been configured, you will be online!

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